Q. I am new to the First Colony Swim Team Program. Do I need an evaluation for Learn to Swim classes?
     A. There is no need for an evaluation for our Learn to Swim classes. For our child group lessons you’ll need to go to our “Level Description” document, determine the highest level your swimmer has mastered ALL skills for, and choose the next level up. It is important that your swimmer has ALL skills for the previous level. Adjustments will be made on the first day of class.
Q. Last year my child was comfortable in the water but this year he/she seems apprehensive and has forgotten some of the skills, what is going on?
     A. As children grow and mature their understanding of the world around them changes, and sometimes they develop new fears. Other times it is simply because they have been away from the pool for an extended period of time and are not as comfortable as they were last year. Once they get back into the water and their comfort increases, the skills usually come back more quickly than they were initially learned. Environment also plays an important role in a child’s comfort level. A new pool, environment, instructor, etc. may take some getting used to before the previously learned skills resurface.
Q. Why can’t I put my child in a higher level class? Won’t this help to push them to be better?
     A. No, in fact it will hinder the child. Each level in our program builds on the skills mastered in the previous level. It is important to place a child in the appropriate group, even if they repeat a group more than once so the skills are learned and built upon appropriately. This is how we build strong, confident swimmers with proper technique.
Q. My swimmer passed all but one skill in a particular level. Why do they have to repeat that level?
     A. Each level in our program builds on the skills learned in the previous level, so it is important for the swimmers to pass ALL skills in order to be prepared for and successful in the next level group.
Q. My swimmer’s class was cancelled due to lightning/thunder. When will the make up class be?
     A. Make up classes are generally held on Friday during your swimmer’s regular class time. We provide up to one make-up class per week for cancelled classes. Occasionally we may need to hold the make up class on a Saturday morning, if this is the case the LTS Director will notify you.
Q. How will I know if my swimmer’s class has been cancelled due to weather?
     A. We will always do our best to hold classes. Classes won’t be cancelled until we are certain we cannot successfully complete the class, so class cancellations are usually very last minute. If we are experiencing extremely adverse weather and cancel classes ahead of time an email will be sent out and a notice will be posted on the website. During inclement weather it is best to check your email and the website before heading to the pool. The LTS’s first priority is the safety of the students and instructors at the pool, emails and postings may be delayed. Use your best judgement if you feel it is too dangerous to be out in bad weather. However, if the weather clears and the class runs as scheduled, make up classes will not be offered for swimmers who did not attend.
Q. FCST Learn to Swim offers both private and group lessons during the summer, which is better for my child?
     A. Every child is different. Some children will thrive in the group environment, while others benefit more from a one on one experience. If you are unsure of which to choose for your child contact the LTS Director for guidance.
Q. When are make-up classes offered?
     A. Make up classes are offered if FCST cancels due to inclement weather or other unforeseen pool issues up to one class per week. If a swimmer is unable to attend class because of a serious illness, we will work with you to make up the missed class or reschedule your registration to a future session if provided with a doctor’s note that includes a return date for the swimmer.
Q. During make up sessions will my swimmer have their regular instructor?
     A. While every effort will be made to maintain continuity for your swimmer, we cannot guarantee regular instructors for make up lessons. All instructors will follow the same curriculum for each class.
Q. Is swimming three days in a row really necessary?
     A. Swimming skills are learned by repetition and practice. Beginning swimmers who are fortunate enough to have several days in a row to practice and build their skills find comfort and success comes more quickly than those who skip days. We ask that you make every effort to pick a time where your swimmer will be able to participate in all days of the class.
Q. What is your teaching philosophy?
     A. We believe that comfort promotes courage, and courage leads to success. We work with the swimmers within their comfort level so they gain the courage to move forward. From the beginning we teach skills, and build on those skills to move swimmers through the progression of our program towards swim league and/or competitive swimming. We believe it is important to teach proper technique and skills from the beginning.
Q. My swimmer finished all the levels in your LTS, what’s next?
     A. When your swimmer has completed the skills in the Green Swordfish or Purple Kingfish levels, the LTS director will perform an evaluation and discuss your options with you. Depending on the swimmer’s age and ability your swimmer will be ready for our swim league program (non competitive) or one of our developmental competitive groups.
Q. When will my swimmer be ready for the swim team?
     A. This answer varies based on your swimmer’s age, desire to compete, and ability level. Talk to the LTS director for specifics on each individual swimmer. 
Q. When will my swimmer move to the next level?
     A. Swimmers will be evaluated on the last day of each session. This is not a “test” swimmers do not “fail” or “pass”. We move swimmers based on their individual needs. You will receive a report to show which skills have been accomplished and which skills still need some practice. This card will indicate which group to register for in the next session.
Q. I signed my swimmer up for the wrong level in the next session, What do I do?
     A. Let the LTS Director know. Registration will temporarily close on the second Thursday of each session. During this time the LTS Director will make moves for children registered incorrectly. It may be necessary for your child to change times if the group is full at your desired time. The LTS Director will discuss this with you. 
Q. I need to change the session or time I signed up for, what do I do? 
     A. Contact the LTS Director to make this change. Changes will be based on space availability.
Q. What form of payment do you take?
     A. We only accept certain major credit cards; Visa, Master Card and Discover.
Q. Do you offer any discounts?
     A. We offer a 20% discount to Colony Grant HOA Residents for group lessons only.
Q. The parking lot is so full, where do I park?
     A. The parking lot in front of the pool is for Colony Grant HOA Residents only. All FCST LTS parents need to park on the street or in the parking lot on the far side of the 6 lane pool and walk their swimmer to the gate.
Q. Why do I have to stay outside the fence during the lesson?
     A. The short answer is that our insurance provider requires it, however swimmers learn to trust, listen to their instructor and perform better without the pressure of parents close at hand. We ask that if you choose to watch the lesson from outside the fence, you do not interact with your child while they are in the water, even if you are trying to be helpful. In some cases it may be best for your swimmer if they cannot see you during the lesson. If your swimmer is apprehensive, let them know that you love them, and you trust their instructor and you know they will have fun, then leave them to it.
Q. I have an older child who doesn’t want to be in with “little kids” do you have something for them?
     A. We offer private lessons for all ages. We are able to do semi-private lessons on occasion. Discuss your options with the LTS Director.
Q. I don’t know how to swim, do you offer Adult lessons?
     A. We have adult private lessons that are taught by adults who are either USA Swimming certified coaches, or USMS (US Masters Swimming) Adult Learn to Swim certified instructors. We can schedule adult lessons around your schedule, if you do not see an adult lesson that works with your schedule contact the LTS Director for additional opportunities. 
Q. Why do you only offer private lessons for adults?
     A. While we will occasionally do semi-private lessons for adults, we find that private lessons have the highest success rate for adults. Adults have a lifetime of experiences, and thus bring a myriad of apprehensions, concerns, skills, etc. with them. We tailor each lesson to the swimmer’s individual needs, and move forward at a pace comfortable for each swimmer. 
Q. Why do some groups have an instructor in the water and some do not?
     A. All of our LTS groups have at least one instructor in the pool with the swimmers. Our private LTS lessons also have the instructor in the water. As the swimmer prepares to move to our swim league or competitive groups the instructor will begin to give them independence and may be out of the water during some (or all) of the instruction to ensure the swimmer is comfortable and capable of swimming without an instructor in the water. Private lessons for the purpose of stroke technique are often done with the instructor on the side of the pool.