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Parent Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Volunteer Cheat Sheet (HERE)
  • Being a lane timer (HERE)
  • How to be a Lane Timer(HERE)
  • Instructions for Swim Meet Timing (HERE)
  • Volunteer FAQ (HERE)
  • Volunteer Reimbursement/Payment Request Form (HERE)
  • Parent Representative Guide (HERE)
Parent Support Requirements
For Questions, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at coachtrenton@swimfcst.com

FCST Hosted Meet Volunteer Requirements
We are 100% dependent on volunteers to run our FCST Hosted meets and our intrasquad meets during the year.   
All FCST families are required to volunteer at our hosted meets and to fulfill the volunteer requirements detailed below.
For families new to USA Swimming, there will be no requirement to work during your first season (short course or long course, depending on start date). There will be training shifts available at each meet for those who wish to become involved as soon as possible.
FCST Hosted Meet Volunteer Requirements
Shifts are expected to be about 3-4 hours long depending on the meet session length.  The volunteer requirements by group are as follows (for families with multiple swimmers, you requirement will be the volunteer requirement for your highest level swimmer.

2023-2024 Volunteer Requirements
Short Course Season
Long Course Season
Senior Elite, Senior 2, PreSenior 3
4 Shifts
6 Shifts
Senior I, PreSenior 2, Age Group 3, Age Group 2
3 Shifts
5 Shifts
PreSenior 1, Age Group I
2 Shifts
4 Shifts
Blue 2, Blue 1, Red, White
1 Shift
3 Shifts
Volunteer Areas
Following are the different volunteer areas required to run our meets.  We will have a lead person for each area that will be responsible for ensuring that their area runs smoothly, defining the required roles, determining the number of volunteers needed, etc.
Meet Director
Must attend training and pass a test to be certified by Gulf. Is responsible for the overall running of the meet and managing activities required to run an effective and efficient meet.
Assistant Meet Director
This is a new position FCST is adding this year. This position is intended for those who are committed to becoming a certified Meet Director in the future.  Will “shadow” the Meet Director during meets to learn and help with tasks as needed.
Set-Up / Tear-Down
Assist with transporting items to/from storage unit. Ensure facilities are prepared for running meet (in some cases this will be done the day before the meet). At conclusion of meet, return items to storage. Several pick-up trucks / SUVs are needed.
Help Desk/Volunteer Check-In
Answer questions as parents arrive (e.g., direct swimmers to deck entrance, tell where heat/lane assignments posted, direct to on deck entries, etc.) Check in volunteers and direct them to the area where they will be working. Contact volunteers that do not show up for their shift.
Clerk of Course
Is responsible for handling on deck entries, heat/lane assignments, timing sheets, scratch table (prelim/finals meets only).  This includes “runners” to pass out, collect and post all paperwork.
Head Timer
Stands by timers and starts two stop watches for each race. If a timer misses the beginning of a race or their watch malfunctions, the Head Timer switches watches with them. Responsibility for Head Timers will fall under Clerk of Course this year.
Colorado Timing System
Responsible for the Colorado Timing System – the electronic timing system connected to the timing pads in the pool. For each shift, need an experienced and a less experienced operator. The less experienced operator is expected to become trained so they can become a lead.
Meet Manager
Responsible for running the Meet Manager program which verifies times and results. Must be detail oriented, good with numbers and comfortable using computers and complex software.
Awards/Program Sales
Sell programs and label/distribute awards.
Must have a good, clear voice and be comfortable with public speaking.
Safety Marshal
Responsible for ensuring pool area is safe and all rules are being followed. Respond to first aid needs as required (no specific first aid training required). Must be certified non-athlete with USA Swimming.
Pool Monitor
Works at direction of Safety Marshal to ensure pool rules are followed and only authorized swimmers, coaches and officials are on deck.
Parking Monitor
Ensure facility-defined parking rules are followed and traffic is flowing smoothly.
Trash Pick-Up
Responsible for ensuring trash receptacles are emptied and bagged trash is removed to dumpsters. Responsibilities vary by facility.
All activities required to operate concessions. Includes preparing shopping list, purchasing items, handling cash (adults only), taking orders, clean-up, going to get ice as needed, etc.
Responsible for providing meals/snacks for Officials and Coaches. This includes preparation/purchase of food, serving food and providing water to officials and timers on deck. Recipes