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All Children Private Swim Lessons are still open and on Saturday mornings at an outdoor pool.
You can view the schdule and register by clicking HERE
For summer group classes please visit our Level Descriptions page for more information.
At this time we only offer group classes during the summer months
Summer Learn To Swim Group Session Information
Our classes begin the week after school gets out. We offer classes for Preschool and School age children. Classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Class start times are 4:00, 4:45, 5:30, & 6:15 pm. Each two week session consists of six classes. You may register your student for as many sessions as you like. (Fridays are reserved for make up sessions due to class cancellations
Lessons begin May 30 and end August 3
  • Ages 3-4 (Must Be Potty Trained)
  • 30 Minute Class
  • 3:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
School Age:
Lessons begin May 30 and end August 3
  • Ages 5-13
  • 30 Minute Classes
  • 4:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
Learn To Swim Private Lesson Information
We offer lessons for swimmers and non swimmers of all ages. During the summer we offer lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. During the school year we only offer private lessons on Saturday mornings (weather permitting). Private swim lessons are registered week by week. You may register your child for as many lessons as you like. 
Private Child Lessons:
  • Ages 3-17 (Must Be Potty Trained)
  • 30 Minute Classes
  • 1:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
  • $45 per 30 munte lesson
Private Adult Lessons:
  • Ages 18 & Older
  • 30 Minute Classes
  • 1:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
  • $45 per 30 minute lesson


  • We stop our private lessons for children when mother nature tells us too and we will start back up on the first Saturday after Spring Break. Our weekday lessons begin the week after school gets out and goes up until school starts in August.
  • Adult private lessons go all year as long, for more information please